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Test & Measurement

 Custom Built Test Rigs For R&D / Reliability Labs / Production (EOL)
 Specific To Your Requirements
 Performance / Endurance / Simulation
 Fatigue / Life / Accelerated Life / Leak
 Integration with PC / SCADA / Data Acquisition Systems

  Test Rigs for Parameters like
   Force Pulsation / Impulse
   Pressure Displacement
   Torque Velocity
   Tension Angle
   Compression Flow
   Endurance Level
   Temperature Leak
  Performance / Endurance test
   Oil / Lubricator Pump Test Rig Oil filter Leak / Flow / Burst
   Water Pump Test Rig Fuel filter Leak / Flow / Burst
   Fuel Pump Test Rig Oil Seal
   Hyd Chain Tensioner Performance Hose burst / impulse / leak
   Piston Cooling Nozzle Relief valve Test Rig
   Vacuum switch Performance Valve Test Rig
   Pressure switch performance Thermostat Performance
   Engine Mounts
   Vac Booster Leak & Force Vac Pump Performance
   Brake Master Cyl leak Clutch Master Cyl Leak
   Brake Cyl Performance Clutch Cyl Performance
   Clutch Pedal Force Brake Pedal force
   ACC Pedal Force  
   Instrument Panel Testing Wire harnesses
   Key lock/Ignition Switches Chairs- Impact Testing
   Bumpers - Impact Testing Speedometer Cable Assembly
   Shock Absorber Spring
   Disc Spring  
  Test Equipment - Farm
   Powerlift Assembly Hydraulic Implements Test
   PTO Torque Differential Lock Test

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