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Hydraulic Trainers

  1. Basic Hydraulic Trainer
  2. Advanced Hydraulic Trainer
  3. Electro Hydraulic Trainer
  4. Transparent Hydraulic Trainer
  5. PLC/Micro Controller Based Hydraulic Trainer
  6. Proportional Hydraulic Trainer
  7. Electro Hydraulic Servo Trainer
  8. Computer Based Hydraulic Trainer


This product is a useful device in imparting training in the area of hydraulics / Electro-hydraulic and automation wherein all functional components of valves are visible to naked eyes. Various circuits can be simulated to demonstrate industrial applications. Product is supported by exhaustive manual, software and training.

Detail functioning and operation of the individual components is explained herewith. The most fascinating feature of the Product, as explained above is the facility to view the internal structure and operation of each and every component on line within the circuit.

Other important features of the product include:

  • Integration of Electronic, Instrumentation and Hydraulics in single unit.
  • With the use of PLC / PC the concept of Automation can be explained to great effect.
  • Easy to operate and low maintenance product.
  • Step by step explanation about the method of making the actual industrial circuits with the use of quick release couplings.

Transparent Valves and Components

Cartridge valve Roller Operated Valve Flow Divider Valve Pilot Operated Check Valve
Check Valve Double acting Cylinder Intensifier Intensifier
Needle Valve One way flow control valve Hydraulic motor Manifold
Pilot operated check valve Pressure switch Relief valve Direction control valve
Pilot operated check valve Sequence valve    

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