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Hydraulic Systems

We design, develop, manufacture and install hydraulic system for following Applications : 
 Automobile  Amusement  Military Equipments
 Cement  Machine Tool  Mobile Machinery
 Die Casting  Fixtures  Mining
 Foundry  Forging  Plastics
 Food  Test Rigs  Press
 Marine  Material Handling Equipments  Robotics
 Steel Plants  Construction Equipments and many more……

Typical Applications For Foundry 
 Furnace Tilting  Laddle tilting
 Conveyor  Box Transfer
 Sand Plants  Core Shooter
 Robot Arm  Gravity Casting
 Runner / Riser Cutting  Flash Removal
 Laddle Cover  Trolley Pusher
 Crupp Saw  Die Casting
  and many more……
Typical Applications For Steel Plant
Furnace Area Rolling Mill
 Hot Blast Valves  Reheating Furnace
 Electric Arc Furnace  Charge Pusher
 Electrode positioning  Walking Beam
 Cover Operation  Door opening
 Furnace Tilting  Tilting Table
 Charge Pusher  Gripper
 Walking Beam  Cross Transfer
 Door opening  Roller Loading
   Crupp Saw
Continuous Casting Machine
 Pinch Roll
 Laddle Gate
 Tundish Movement
 Billet Cutting
 Billet Transfer
 Filtration Units
Proportional & Servo Hydraulics

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