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Fluid Handling Machines

  Filling / Dosing / Metering Systems
  Accurate Measuring & filling with anti-dripping Guns for Viscous / Non Viscous / Corrosive / Volatile fluids
  Microprocessor / PLC based systems

 Liquid / Oil Dispensers


                  1 L     - 100 L
                  10 ml - 100 ml
                   0.1 L - 10 L
                  100 L - 10,000 L


Dispensing Time:
                  2 sec - 60 sec
                  1 min - 60 min
                  1 hour......


                  By Volume
                  By Flow measurement 

Liquid column height is measured and volume of   liquid is dispensed. 
Flow is measured through PD Flowmeter and   controller dispensing of fluid stops at preset   value. 
Total solution for Fluid Handling in the plant. From transfer of fluid from Tanker / Barrel to point   of dispensing. 
Fluid Transfer pump from Barrel / tanker to   Storage tank. 
Storage Tank. 
Pumping Units and Interconnecting piping. 
Fluid measurement and Dispensing.

     A/C Gas & Special Gas Filling
A/C Gas
Carbon Dioxide Machine
Nitrogen Filling Machine
     Wind Shield Fluid Filling
     Dispensers For :
Engine Oil
Gear Box Oil
Transmission Oil

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